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Thursday, 22 March 2012

mid week blues

Hello crafty peeps.
I have a huge confession.... I haven't crafted anything this week I have had quite a strange week. I have a thing called vertigo and it sort of creeps around me on a daily basis and this week it has crept up and pounced ... not once but several times and I've had to sit quietly and do very little {yippee no housework} It is not in itself life threatening but it is really annoying and because it can't be seen can be very trying for people around me. So I hope that you will accept my apology and give me a couple of days to get back to normal.
So happy crafting people!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hello folks,
I know it's Saturday night and here I am blogging when I should be out having a great time! Oh how glad I am I can stay home lol! Just too old for all that. Anyway I was crafting today and wanted to show you this lovely card which I made using Crafter's Companion new cd-rom Paintbox Poppets.
I used this image as it reminded me of my son when he was a little boy. I have used background papers, belts and frames from the cd-rom. I also used one of my Martha Stewart punch around the page punches, called ribbon loops.
I used A4 pale blue hammer effect card 265gsm as the base card folded to A5. I printed a background sheet in A5 graphic card 265gsm from cd-rom and cut it to 8ins x 5.75ins. I matted this onto silver mirri card. I don't measure this. Here's How:
I put double sided tape onto the background then place the background onto the mirri. Place mirri in front of you in landscape. Then place background up to the right edge leaving just a very small area of mirri showing on right edge and bottom edge. Now if you are happy that it is even on both sides stick down. Take your knife and ruler, butt the ruler up to the left edge of background, and move the ruler away until the left and right mirri borders are even. The best way to see this is to stand above it. Take knife and cut down.  Do the same for the top edge. You should now have your pretty background with a lovely silver border all around.
I had printed off two frames using graphic card 265gsm, one was 6.75x6.75ins the other was 4.75x4.75ins. I matted the bigger one onto silver mirri using the same method as before. I then got the A4 graphic card. It is lovely and smooth and very white I use this card all the time for everything. So I cut a 5 x 5 square of card and using Martha's punch I punched around the square. I put DS tape onto the small frame and stuck it onto the punched square keeping it equal around the edges. Then I put the little boy image onto this with silicone. Then put DS tape on the underside of punched square and stuck to the bigger frame. On this frame I put silicone on the back and lined it up on the background which I had already placed on the Hammered card. I added a belt embellishment and mounted it onto a punched length of card. I stuck this onto card with silicone. To finish I used Card Candies just for a bit of extra colour. I think this is such a sweet card and could be used for any occasion. What do you think Leave a comment, oh and let me know if you can follow my recipe lol!! Happy Crafting
hugs Cherry

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Hi I am sorry to take so long to blog again! Don't anyone panic Murfie is fine. I have taken her off the pain killers she was on and put her back on the previous one... it's like night and day, our lovely girl is back to her silly self. So next week we go back to the vet..... again! This has to get sorted out. I cannot have any animal in such pain.
I am still in mid craftroom and no printer.... I never knew I could miss it so much. I was a bit naughty and I bought the pick of the week Paintbox Poppets aaaahhhhh!!! they are adorable I just want to print and make.
Here is another card from a few moths ago. Hope you like it.This cute elephant is a Penny Black stamp I love them! I have all the Hedgehog series, I digress.... after painting nellie using Promarkers [I had stamped 4 of them and I decoupaged the image..... I like to decoupage!!] I then mounted image onto a printed doilie from my collection. I matted doilie onto silver mirri card leaving silver edge and then added card candi and ribbon. I then matted and layered a matching pink background from my stash onto silver mirri leaving a little silver edge then matted the lot onto an A4 folded to A5 card. Leave a comment for me. Happy crafting.
Cherry xx

Friday, 9 March 2012

And so to the weekend!

Hello folks!
I want to thank you all for your kind words about Murfie. She is still not the normal girl who runs about shaking toys to death. But she is still here and that's the main thing. I suppose it's a bit like us, we don't think we are getting any older until we catch our reflection in a shop window, and think god who's that!!
I'm going to have a quiet weekend and I hope you all have a lovely one too! I will leave you with this lovely image.
hugs to all

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

To Blog ... or not to Blog

Hi Folks I hope you are all happy and enjoying the beginning of Spring!
Today we had rain,sleet, snow, hailstones then rain again!! It was all followed with wind, wind and more wind. Sometimes I really hate living in Scotland.
Our dog "Murfie" has been a bit poorly. One of the reasons I've been absent. She apparently has a heart problem, a kidney problem and a skin infection. She is doped up to the eyeballs and is not her normal silly self. We've been on a strict diet over the last week and I've had to stop giving her treats. But tonight we heard the faint sound of a squeaky toy.... and there she was standing with her toy hanging out one side of her mouth her tongue out the other! It was just so good to see her wanting to play again. So onwards and upwards and I'm hoping she is on the mend now.

I've not been in my craftroom in the last few days.... so in true Blue Peter fashion... here's one I made last year lol!!!
This card is decoupaged. There are at least 6 layers which the camera can't pick up. I like this image she just makes me smile. The image is of course from Cheryl Seslar one of my favourite artists. The card is A5 using pretty daisy background paper with a daisy border which has been decoupaged. The colours are pinks, purples and lilac.
Happy crafting!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hello crafty peeps! How is everyone? Well I have been a little busy. I've been trying to sort out my craftroom..... it's really hard to decide if you should throw out bits and pieces. I have a box full of cutoffs. If I throw them out I will feel so guilty coz there might be something there I could use. On the other hand if I keep the box it's taking up room where I could put something else! Why does it have to be so difficult. I also found in my stash these beautiful papers. I put them right beside me to use on my next card.... I really couldn't! is there something wrong with me it's only paper. I've had to put it back in MY BRAND NEW FILING CABINET!!!! it's only new to me tho' as it came from an office. You cannot believe how much you can fit in them. It's a Tardis lol!
I did find time to make this little cutie. Another stash find. It's  Moreheads printed die cut decoupage from Reddy. I remember buying them about 4 years ago but they were just too nice to use!!! so here he is.Hope you like him. Leave a comment fo me.


Friday, 24 February 2012

What a lovely Day!

 Hello folks, How is everyone today? I'm doing great. The post arrived with my "parcel"!! Absolutely stunning. The stones are really beautiful. In the pack is pink Moonstone. They are so creamy and yet transparent. The other beads range from ivory to pale peach to peach to orange to terracotta to chocolate to black. With lots of shades in between. I am going to have so much fun trying to make a
The other good news is OH has no idea. All put neatly away in my craft room. (It must be the first time anything was put away neatly in there) lol!!!

The sun split the skies here today it was a truly spring day. Roll on spring, then, summer, hopefully Scotland will have a good one this year.
I've been fiddling with the blog so if you find that things aren't working can you let me know. If anyone grabs my button can you try clicking on it. I just want to know if it links back to this website or, it throws you out into cyberspace never to be seen again.

Now todays card is another from the Humphrey cd's. This time it's Lottie with her new red shoes. I used one of the card designs from the cd. Although I did print it off I think about 4 times. I wanted to build a steps. I decoupaged Lottie and matted on to gold Mirri.
I used vellum for the scalloped edges. Placed a happy birthday tag on the top then added the ribbon.... I always have a ribbon... don't know why!!
I then took a picture. I returned the picture to MCS today and then faded out the edges. All my photos of past pictures have a black background I wanted to see if I could manipulate it. I think it worked out ok although it does give a somewhat ethereal look. Well models get airbrushed all the time lol. Don't know if I should do that again... what do you think?
That's me for today. Thanks for popping in! Have a lovely weekend whatever you do!
Hugs Cherry!